Protect the bees by getting Bee-connected!



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With an innovative practice, it is possible in an urban environment to reconcile digital technology with the immemorial techniques of beekeeping!


The importance of bees.

The world today is experiencing an increased increase in species extinction. Some are in danger of extinction, such as bees. With their role of pollinator, they allow the well-being of biodiversity. According to the UN, 70% of the world’s food production depends on them. Without bees there is no more biodiversity, thousands of plants would become extinct, leaving the majority of animals to starve.  The human species would also be seriously threatened.


The urban beekeeping.

To protect bees, beekeeping has been deployed. This concept allows to save these insects from their worst enemy: pesticides! This concept adapts beekeeping to a new environment, the city. This practice, which is developing worldwide in a more and more important way, also allows to produce a honey which is of better quality.

It is possible to go further with BEE-CONNECT. How can we do this? The hives we have are connected, so it is possible to manage them remotely from your smartphone or your computer by downloading an application that allows you to observe them through a webcam!